Rally Bosch Klassik

Mitsubishi Celeste, 1979 YOM, made first appearance on «Bosch Klassik» on the 25th of June 2017.

This event has its own story started from the legend «Boxberg-Ring», widely known all over the world test track. The aim on this activity for «Bosch» company is to make sure that the very old vehicles can keep running.

In Germany this annual event was held at the 18th time, in Moscow even at 6th.Traditionally in two countries rally starts at the same weekend. Unlike all old-timer rally held in Russia «Bosch Moskau Klassik» is foremost a driving skill test, not navigator competition only.

This way Mitsubishi Celeste acts excellent. We are very pleased with the opportunity to take part in lovingly organized rally, experience challenging and playful special stages.