Wasabi Classics is focused mainly on restoration of Japanese classic cars. We do bring all our cars to the authentic condition with absolutely no compromise in quality. The whole spectrum of works is done in-house: body, painting, engine, electrics, upholstery. That allows us to control all stages of restoration and guarantee the best result. 

Wasabi Classics is a team of passionate professionals in all areas of restoration. We have all skills and equipment to craft everything from a fender to any interior detail. A complete line of metal forming equipment allows us to make body works of any complexity. 

Wasabi Classics was only founded in 2014 and we are about to show a few of our completed projects in 2017. We currently work on Mazda RX collection which covers all LHD rotary Mazda models which were sold outside of Japan. The work on collection is planned to be completed in 2018 and it will be a line of 12 cars all restored to concours standards.